Under the DDoS attack?

Jupiter SRX300 is connected to our main server, which supervises the security of your VPS servers.
If the server is a victim of a DDoS / DoS attack, please follow the instructions to remove the attack.

1. Install TCPdum: 
# Debian/Ubintu: apt-get install tcpdump

# Centos: yum install tcpdump

If you observe an unexpected packet loss, please enter the appropriate command via SSH.
tcpdump -w capture-thelhost -c 100000 port not ssh (this will create a file called capture-thelhost)

2. Download WinMTR
WinMTR DDoS attack

1a. Enter the address of the server to be attacked in the "HOST" field,
2a. Press "START" and wait until the attack is over (if the attack lasts for 3 minutes, give "STOP"), 
3a. After pressing the "STOP" button find the "Export TEXT" option in the program. 
4a. The saved 'capture-thelhost' and 'WinMTR.text' files should be sent to admin@thelhost.com address or a support ticket should be created.

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